How To Get Your Facebook Page/Profile Verified ?

Want to verify Facebook page? But do not know how ?

Well, You are just landed on right blog where You are gonna find official way which you can use to get your Facebook page verified.

I have published this article in three year ago when there was no official way to get a verified Facebook account. Those days, only celebrities could verify page on Facebook.

But Facebook has updated it’s instruction which says that anyone with media influence can verify Facebook account.

Now you can also get a blue check on Facebook.

Recently I have seen my friends who are getting verified account on Facebook. Then I started researching about what actually that you need to do to verify Facebook account.

While researching about same, I found that anyone can get a verified on Facebook. In fact It made it easy for you to verify your Facebook account.

What you need to have for Facebook page verification are press release and media mentioned on popular website like Huntington Post and New York Times.

I am gonna share each and everything that can help you verifying Facebook account. Let’s directly head to how to get your page verified on Facebook.

How to get your Facebook page or profile verified ?

Facebook has different categories for different business and public figure. You may know that celebrities and journalist can verify Facebook page without any hassle as they have mentioned in media thousands of time.

If you are Government official then you can get verified Facebook page in just 5 minutes. Just like this, there are long list of categories under which you can get a Facebook page verified.

Everyone can not be like celebrities and journalist but you can still get verified on Facebook.

I am not talking more about any category as you are here to verify Facebook account and that is what you will be knowing before leaving.

But, You will have to understand that if you do not have any public presence on Facebook then it will be difficult for you to get your Facebook account verified.

If you are author of book which is published and also has name in several newspaper then you are good to go. If you are influencer who has great public presence on Facebook then you can also verify Facebook account.


How to Get Your Facebook Page Verified With Blue Check?

Before submitting verification form for page, you need to make sure of few things that are :

⦁ Update your basic information on page and profile.
⦁ Add your address and hours of business.
⦁ Add your email address and website.
⦁ Link your website and official account with your page.

Information you provide in your profile or account should be accurate and match document which you upload along with verification form.

Facebook has opened window for everyone whoever want to verify Facebook page or account by making verification form available for everyone.

Earlier, You could not find Facebook verification form but now as it’s accessible by anyone. You can take advantage of that and submit your form with supporting document and additional information telling why your account should be verified.

Okay, Now I am telling you criteria which you consider or understand whether or not you are eligible for verifying Facebook page and account.

For Facebook account, You should have public presence that may include engagement on your post which you published in last 30 days.

For Facebook business page, Your business should have mentioned in media and news websites link of which you can submit while filling up verification form.

That’s all you should know about verification process.

Where To Find Facebook Verification Form?

I have shared link of verification form for both account and page which you can open yourself and submit it with supporting documents and addition information.

You can use same form for both page and profile but list of document will stay same.

I can write more on same but that will just waste your time. So, I am leaving you with form that is easy to understand.

If You need information on same then let me know below in comment. I will reply as soon as possible.

By Ravinder Dande

I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and affiliate marketer. I mostly write about Blogging, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Web Hosting and SEO.

14 thoughts on “How To Get Your Facebook Page/Profile Verified ?”
  1. Is there any minimum number of likes required to get verification? I have only around 400 likes in my page

  2. Verification from user option is not available now (when click on that link then it opens faceook page and shows can’t fin this page right now)so please give another method

  3. Hello Ravinder,

    I run an official fan page of a legendary actor, Basanta Choudhury.

    I have tried using several on-line proxy web-sites, but not satisfied.I do not understand, whether I did it in right way or not.

    I humbly request you to please help me in dealing with the proxy.


    Dhruba Choudhury, INDIA

    (Distance Grand-son of Basanta Choudhury).

  4. Hi, It did not work for me either. Is there any other way through which I can verify my Facebook page which has got 15k likes?

  5. Hi when i Request to verify my official page
    i got this message

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for contacting us about verifying your Facebook account. We’ve reviewed your account closely; however, we’re not able to verify your account right now. Verification is based on a number of factors and is different from policies on other social platforms. This doesn’t limit your ability to grow and develop your account and followers. You may resubmit your account for reconsideration in 30 days.

    Our team is more than happy to help you further establish your authentic presence by removing imposter accounts. Please continue reporting imposter accounts to us, so your fans can easily find your authentic Facebook presence:


    Media Operations

    1. Its common when Facebook could not recognize people who are managing page by document he/she submitted then their team send message like you got one. I suggest you to try to verify facebook page with another ID.

      Check out this page to know why you didn’t get your facebook page verify. Drop me a message on Facebook once your page is verified and if possible share link to your official Facebook page with me .

  6. Another ID? as in create new account using US proxy?
    coz i tried verifying mine, but each time i got the same message as mentioned above “Thanks for contacting us about verifying your Facebook account. We’ve reviewed your account closely; however, we’re not able to verify your account right now. Verification is based on a number of factors and is different from policies on other social platforms. This doesn’t limit your ability to grow and develop your account and followers. You may resubmit your account for reconsideration in 30 days.”

    So after a few persistent trys, on that verification request link , facebook blocked my profile for that link, lol
    now i used the US proxy again , and made a new account on fb, and again sent fb request to verify my page, but i have few confusions
    that is : what is the criteria ?
    as in how old page
    how active page
    and how many likes,
    and most important , facebook requires ID cards right,
    i gave em all of my ids,
    like passport, Driving License, birth Certificate, etc etc
    but still my request got rejected?
    Should those ID be US based??
    Please Help..

    1. Age of page does not matter for verification. I think that if your facebook page is getting huge response from your audience then verification option appears automatically and let your verify your facebook page.

      If you’ve applied using US proxy then your ID should be US based. Right Now only grey badge are available in India as facebook blocked blue badge verification page.

  7. Thank you!
    I was confused about the process, I submitted successfully my application for verify my page and got my page verified today.

    Thank you…
    Keep Up Good Work!

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