A2 Hosting Review: Is it Better than Bluehost & Hostgator?

You might have gone through many Web hosting and ended up on A2 hosting ?

I can understand when you are looking for hosting with zero downtime and you do not see any option around you.

Honestly, I have been using A2 hosting for WordPress blog and did not ever faced downtime except once when it was under maintenance (They were fixing some bugs at that time) but that was too for few minutes . That is reason I keep renewing it further.

I know that it is not easy to believe when some one says this hosting is the best. Even there is no service in the world that is perfect. Every serveries has some con’s and that is what you need to see.

That is why I am going to share unbiased A2 WordPress hosting review by comparing it with Inmotion, SiteGround, Hostgator, Bluehost and iPage ( another Alternative).

So that you can make best choice for your online business.

Before reviewing it, Let me share a bit about it’s existence.

It has been around since 2001 as Iniquient which was renamed to A2 Hosting in the year 2003. Service remain the same even after changing name of hosting company. They were/are known for providing hosting services with 20* fast speed, minimum downtime ( say it twice a year ) , and efficient customer support. It has data centers in three locations ; in Michigan, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Seems over reviewed ?

It should be as when I purchased WordPress hosting from A2hosting for the first time. I just went and checked out. After that everything was going fine but one day someone told me that my Website is down.

I was like WTF ? And then contacted customer support team. They solved it by stating that reason of it as ” Server is under maintenance for few bug it detected recently ” .

We want the best service because one day of downtime can cause huge harm to business.

Okay, Let’s move to customer review.

What if You Lose Your Business Overnight ?

I still remember when I purchased SWIFT Plan of A2 Hosting for a year in 2015. I just started personal blog and that is why I was in need of reliable hosting that could provide me the best service at any cost.

So, Cost was not issue because I didn’t want my business to be invisible due to server downtime.

To be honest, I was not aware of this like what is up time or downtime unless I faced issue in mid December 2015. That is when I came to know about how a minute of downtime can cause blunder for your business.

Let’s take example of A2hosting itself, What if it went down ? It will not only lose customer but also lose trust of them.

What if person looking for it will not get it ? It will lose money too.


I hope now you got it why You need the best hosting service ? And why not to fall in trap of cheap price providing worst hosting.

What are Pro’s of A2hosting ?

Is it 20x faster than other ?

It is known for it’s speed. It take few second to load page.

Yes, It load your website 20x faster than any other hosting. Thus boost your profit share in your business.

It gives more than you think it. Just have look below how they provide 20x faster high speed.

Even You can check speed yourself if you don’t belive what they have mentioned in features.

Check A2hosting Page Load Speed

Have doubt about A2hosting uptime ?

I still remember when the top website like Netflix, Amazon and Quora went down that opened eye of millions of business person and made them think thrice for making best decision for hosting their business that need to be live 24*7 hours.

I know they are big brand so need the best. For them We do not need to worry as most of them are having their own server.

Coming back to point, If they can lose huge money just by going down for moment.

then, what will happen if your business goes offline for a day ?

Blunder ? right then check out their features below

Ahh, You do not need to worry because it’s features tells whole story about it’s uptime.

How does it protect your Business ?

A2hosting shared hosting has some features that protect your business website from getting hacked or accessed by third party or third person. It has various tools like Server Rewind, Cloudflare and Hackscan to keep your website safe from any kind of vulnerable activity.

it is very helpful when it come to keeping your business out of hackers hand. A2hosting Hackscan blocks any kind of attack from third party access when so ever it occur or seem to be vulnerable for your business.

That is how it keep you safe 24*7 hours. It keep monitoring brute their customers hosting account and run scanning several time a day.

And it it detect any issue then it also has efficient tool to remove virus from A2hosting account of user.

Server Rewind is one of the best features available to backs your account up so that you can restore everything like MySQL database, website, or account if you delete something accidentally.

You know what is good about A2hosting’s security features ?

It’s free or included in same price as mentioned in plan.

Mean, You are always safe from any kind of brute force attack.

Let’s leave ” Taking wise decision ” on You 🙂 I just love this feature very much because of being safe from hackers.

You must read ” Keeping Your Shared Hosting Account Secure With Patchman ” on A2hosting itself. They have explained how it keep your account secure. 

How does it helps customers ?

You may be aware of frustration when you do not get solution of problem which provider made promised to offer at beginning.

Right ?

Yes, I had that experienced with Bluehost, When I have lost connection with my Mysql. That time, I had to hire someone who solved that issue.

But here issue is what if you have no extra money and are seeking help from provider.

It’s their responsibility if they promised (mentioned in plan) you to help you.

I was amazed to see A2hosting customer support when they helped me getting out of headache of making website live again.

I contact them in somewhere around early morning, say it 3:27 AM. I remember time because I was not receiving any email which I used to receive of websites like comments and sales report.

Then I checked what’s wrong and found that blog was not live.

I was like WHAT’S WRONG with A2hosting. And then they came like God landed on Earth for saving my business website.

They offered what they promised and I LOVE it for this.

It also welcome new user with special discount.

NOTE : If you have any other alternative which you think provides customer support like this then let us know so that we can compare same with that.

Do you like extra services free of cost ?

Are you new to cPanel or WordPress ?

I am sure there are few who do not get this thing easily and resulting into technical error.

So, if you are not good at backend like installing WordPress in A2hosting or moving your website from one to another hosting then it will help you doing so.

I agree installing WordPress is bit easy but moving it on another hosting is hassle. That’s when you look for help from one who has technical knowledge or hire one for making your website live on other hosting.

But, here A2hosting is helping you to move your website at no extra cost.

Isn’t it good ?

I never found anything like this services till now. Even due to this I lost one of my high traffic website since then I started taking it serious and making wise choice when it come to business.

I do not take risk because it will cost huge that affect overall business structure or work.

Again leaving up on you for making best decision for your business.

It really cause huge lose in business.

What if you get refund in 30 days ?

If you are planning to give A2hosting a try then, I must say ” Go Ahead ” because if you are not satisfied with it’s services then you can claim refund in 30 days for any reason.

You will get complete refund leaving not a single penny of you on it’s pocket.

Why do not you have look at below for in depth information of 30 days money back guarantee.

What are Con’s of A2hosting ?

If I say that A2 is only the best shared hosting left over the web then it will not be honest review to you.

So, I am going to share con’s that actually exists in few A2hosting plans else everything is fine with it .

And if we look at it’s business model then you will understand why they left this con’s for few plans.

Let’s compare plans first before checking in con’s section.

You might have noticed in three plans of A2 shared hosting that it is leaving one con’s that is features you will only get when you upgrade your plan to upper level.

1. Turbo Server

Researcher has confirmed that 1 second of delay in loading web page cause 8% decrease in conversion rate, decrease page view by 11% and visitor by 16%.

Now, Question is Why you should care about page load speed ?

Right ? U mm, Let’s suppose you are sleeping and you are website is too ?

I know it sound funny but that’s fact whenever your website goes down it lose visitor or ranking in SERP. So If you are still not caring about high speed hosting then get ready for LOSE .

Else Here you got option 😉

But there is one problem with this feature that You will get this services for free only in A2 turbo hosting plan.

2. Server Rewind Backup

I guess, I told why it is necessary to have back up of website because I know headache of not having backup and losing high traffic website overnight.

Since then I have been taking backup with services provided by A2hosting.

There are some who do not have knowledge of backing up website from cPanel themself so A2’s Rewind Backup would help you in that case.

And you know what’s good about it is that it is completely free in A2 Swift and Turbo hosting Plan.

3. Site Acceleration

Last but not the least, Caching services of A2 Shared hosting is what make it the best for those who are getting huge traffic and want page to load more faster than it provide.

So, caching make it possible by storing web page of your website by Turbo Cache to make it more faster.

A2 Site Acceleration use three cache option to make it possible that is mentioned below in Screen Shot.

My Last Words

Now that You know Pro’s & Con’s of A2 hosting then let’s talk about it’s other plans.

It also has some other plans for it’s customers, but I will recommend it for those who are looking for Shared hosting for WordPress blog and Business website.

But, If you are still thinking to purchase VPS and dedicated hosting then I must say you are on wrong place.

You should not miss A2 Hosting Cyber Monday Deal . (Expired Now)

There are only two option for managing traffic in millions that is Inmotion and Vultr.

Note : I have given link to VPS & dedicated plan of both hosting provider so that you can compare yourself.

As promised in the beginning that I will not recommend or will only share genius or honest review.

I am almost done but would like to share review of it’s customers who has been with them.

I am including A2 Customer’s review for letting you take good decision.

A2 Hosting User Review :

See, It’s good if you are in need of shared hosting but if you are thinking about other plan then avoid.

“I’ve got about 75 emails (in roughly 5 diff threads) and a little over a month of experience with A2 Hosting. On the hole I’d say they’re a great hosting company and have good articles out there to help you troubleshoot your way around. My last round of emailing though (involving upgrading from Shared to Reseller plan) was a bit more complicated and I experienced some delay in response time (about 3 days) and ambiguity in direction that was very frustrating due to a personal deadline I was trying to hit for a client. (So partly my fault, and partly not.) I think for future exchanges involving upgrading, a detailed documentation should be shared mapping out what needs to happen should be provided up front (involving e.g. who the onus is on to do what, and that separate tickets need to be created and steps to be taken for canceling one plan, starting another, and sorting out pro-rated discount, etc.). On the whole, like I said though, A2 Hosting offers a great service and I’m happy to think I have the complicated stuff sorted.”    Kris L 

Yes, A2 Hosting suit best for Developers.

“Absolutely incredible! Your service and the features you have! On a shared hosting plan, I just managed to install Node and connect to a MongoDB upstream server. It all works as a Rolls! Thank you! I never even dremead it would be possible, such a migration , when I bought your plan for a small PHP + MySQL website. You’re the best! For sure!”   Pedro F

That’s what I said about A2 Support 🙂

“Rob was terrific today helping to straighten out my login issues. He was friendly, patient and most importantly he fixed the problems that were keeping me from logging in to WordPress. I don’t exactly understand what the problem(s) was/were but Rob quickly got me up and running – thanks a bunch!!! I have my new favorite IT person! That being said I feel I owe an apology to Sanket for my previous review for his help. It became apparent in the first two minutes of my conversation with Rob that while I thought I was clearly communicating my issue, it was about as clear as mud. Because Rob and I were on the phone we could talk through this and clarify things. This is a benefit that Sanket and I did not share since we were working through a ticket. The information at the end of Sanket’s email was helpful, explaining how to use a Shared URL until I am ready to go live with my new site. Unfortunately, the problems that existed prevented this from working for me. I have learned that complex issues are probably best handled with a call. I do want to give a shout out to A2 Hosting. I researched many alternatives and feel I made the best choice for my needs. I did a couple of live chats that helped me decide, great customer service before I paid a penny. I read reviews on outside websites, and I like your concern for environmental issues. I look forward to getting my site up and running! Thanks!”   Constance C.

You do not need to beg for refund. It’s that easy.

“I spent far too long with lesser hosts, not knowing that a company like A2 was out there. Not only are their servers far superior to my previous hosts, but their support has been top notch. Server speeds – Exceptional for shared plans. Where I may have waited 5-7 seconds with other hosts, it’s nearly instant with A2. Back end – The client area is informative, easy to navigate and offers an at-a-glance elegance that is superior to my past experiences. cPanel – You can’t go wrong with cPanel. It’s the best out there, and A2 uses it. Support – This is where I find A2 above and beyond anyone else I’ve ever used. I’ve never waited more than a couple minutes for either phone OR chat support. (My last hold time for chat support with my previous host was almost two hours.) When using phone support (I spoke with Rob), he didn’t make me feel as though I were a burden. His attitude and demeanor were that of a friend offering a helping hand. He was knowledgeable and didn’t have to put me on hold to research material. All of this goes a long way when trying to fix something. I used chat support once (can’t remember who I spoke with, unfortunately) and I had three issues. All three were fixed in a timely manner with no problems. Flexibility – I made the mistake of purchasing a new domain with my previous host not realizing that within a few days I would decide to drop them, and in a hurry. While swapping to A2, I forgot about the domain being non-transferable until it’s 60 days old and I had already paid the transfer fee. A2 immediately got in touch with me and asked if I wanted the refund. I didn’t have to initiate contact or fight for my money…they made me aware of the situation and asked how they could fix it. I responded to them and asked if they could just keep the money and transfer the domain after the 60 days was up. They said that wouldn’t be a problem and to get in touch with them. A2 has gone above and beyond, met every expectation and overall impressed me. I’ve used other hosts before that were nowhere near this level of service. As a matter of fact, I thought their sub-par standards were the norm. This made my experience with A2 jaw-dropping at times. A breath of fresh air. They’ve earned a lifelong customer with me.”   Joey L.

Check out more user review here : A2 Hosting User Review

I hope You will take good decision about hosting your business that need to be 24*7 live, secured, take less time in loading and have less headache with hosting provider.I

You can trust Reviews of A2 User who are still with them and making a lot of profit without going down or facing any issue on back-end.

Best wishes for your business.


By Ravinder Dande

I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and affiliate marketer. I mostly write about Blogging, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Web Hosting and SEO.