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Welcome to Blogail,

Hey Guys, I’m Ravinder Dande, Professional Blogger from Panchkula, Haryana. I started Blogail in December 2015. Since then, I have been working on it to help people around the world.

I’ve done bachelors degree in Computer Application and very much interested in learning new things. So, I keep reading.

It’s been four year that I am into blogging even after so much up and down. For me, blogging is not about managing but about learning from everything whatever I do either it is Installing WordPress or publishing.

I have been continuously learning from Blogail. One of the most important thing about Blogging is FUN. I mean by FUN is time when you forget even about having your lunch and dinner while working.

About Blogail

Yeah, It is not just a blog but place to get started. I pubish article about Blogging, SEO, Youtube, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, and WordPress Hosting.

I do not only share what I have learnt on Blogail but also contribute to expert roundups on other Blogs to help fellow blogger getting information in few words. I mentioned those expert roundup below so that you can check that as well.

If you too want to start and learn blogging then subscribe to Blogail. You can also contact me over Twitter and About me. You can also contact me via Contact us  .

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Ravinder Dande ( Founder of Blogail )