“Unveiling the Power of SEMrush: A Comprehensive Review of the Ultimate SEO Toolkit”

SEMrush review in-Depth

You are looking for SEMrush Review that mean you’re little aware about SEMrush services.

We know that Search engine optimization is most important part of blogging. As far as ranking of blog is concerned, You need to look into many thing from on-page/off-page SEO elements to backlinks trustworthiness and reputation of backlinks for ranking your targeted keywords in top serp.

Not Only on-page/off-page SEO, You also need to look at quality and relevancy of  content,  page title, body text , H1 tag and meta description.

on page seo elements

Leaving any single elements of SEO will decrease your blog ranking in Google’s search results.

You can optimize page title, body text , H1 tag and meta description but everything is waste if didn’t do keyword research in wise way. So this SEMrush tool come to use which help you finding long tail keywords and optimizing your blog post with best targeted keywords.

And I know that You’re very well aware of ” Keyword research ” Ohh sorry Yes you’re that is why you’re looking for SEMrush review.

I have been using SEMrush along with Long tail pro from last three month so that I can write a practical review about SEMrush keyword research tool.

To be honest I’ve started using SEMrush 3 month ago after that I upgaded pro plan for further use. If you want to grab SEMrush Plan which is worth $99.95 then here is link. 😉

Using SEMRush, You can do keyword, backlinks and competitor research in less time.

Lets come to point and do in-Depth SEMrush review. 🙂

What is SEMRUSH? – In-Depth Practical  Review

SEMRush is a online marketing  tool that allow you to find profitable keywords and perform overall SEO competitive analysis. It is a best services given to marketers by founder Oleg Shchegolev  . He also invented SEOQuake which is a popular SEO addon for Firefox.

SEMrush Review


SEMrush  is a best keyword research tool for bloggers and marketers who always need this kind of tools for doing keyword research and backlink analysis of competitors.

It not only help you performing SEO audit of your or other blog but it also let you know overview of your blog.

So its considered as top competitor’s keyword research tool for marketers which they can use for performing all kind of analysis, research either it is keyword or backlinks and finding long tail keyword with low competition.

If you’re struggling to get traffic that mean, you’re doing keyword research in wrong way and getting inappropriate keywords for your blog post that’s why when you hit publish button after some time your blog post disappeared because of wrong keyword research.

But Gone are the days when You used to get keyword for your next blog post using Google Keyword planner . Now many tool like SEMrush & Long tail pro is launched which let you find highly profitable keywords for your next blog post.

Thus, SEMrush is one of the most used SEO tools recommended  by SEO experts like Harsh AgrawalJane Sheeba, Jitendra Vaswani and  Nick Eubanks .

Using SEMrush, You can also spy keyword from competitors blog and then make new well researched blog post optimized with Long tail keywords which you got from competitors blog.

If I starts telling everything It will take more than 10000 words to explain SEMrush features so lets start using it with example and find long tail keyword, do keyword research of competitor blog, backlinks analysis and find keywords with low competition.

SEMRush Review : Most important terms in this tool

But, before reviewing its features lets learn and understand meaning of terms used in SEMrush while performing research and analysis.  So these terms will help you getting things clearly for your analysis.

Keywords: These are the keywords which send traffic to any web page from search engines.

Position: Position of keyword ranking in SERP is specified by search engines which goes up and down due to many ranking factors used by search engines.

Note : You can also use demographic feature of SEMrush to check position of your keywords according to your location.

Volume: Its is the total number of the exact match queries for entered keyword in the search.

CPC : It is know as Cost per click that is average price in US Dollars for a click on the Ads.

Number of results : Its Number of search engine results for a keyword or term you entered.

Trend : It shows the trend of keyword over the last 12 months.It helps finding profitable keywords.

Competition : This is  the competition score of advertisers for that keyword. Competition score vary from high to low. You must select keyword with low competition because lower the competition for keywords better it is for ranking in SERP.

SEMrush In-depth Practical  Review

SEMrush For Competitors Analysis

Since starting of this blog what I wanna say is that SEMrush is considered as one of the most important tool for doing keyword research of competitor’s  blog even many top bloggers are using it to spy ideas for their next post from the keywords of competition’s blog .

Now the thing is when they can spy keywords and ideas from other then why not you 🙂 You can too spy on best performing blogs and then make list of the Long trail keywords which is getting most of traffic from search engine to that blog.

How SEMrush do analysis of competitor’s websites  ?

Analysis of competition’s blog is most common factor among the top blogger for ranking keyword in top SERP and then get traffic from that spied keywords.

Once You get the top performing keywords then what you need to do is to get to editor and make better content around that keywords.

Google Keyword planner SEMrush Pro Account Review


But If you’re still using Google Keyword planner (GKP) for keyword research then I do not think You are blogging in right way to get traffic from Google because Keyword planner is a tool for advertiser who want to advertise their products and service via Google.

Google Keyword planner only helps finding average searches for keyword but when it come to finding highly profitable long tail keyword you need to get paid tool like Long tail pro and SEMrush. These tools helps finding good number of keyword for you in no time.

Lets see Live example of How SEMrush spy keywords 😉

To analyze keyword of competitor’s blog you just need to enter Blog URL after then check what keyword is performing well.

SEMrush review for 14 days trail with coupon code
Shoutmeloud Organic keywords

In this example I’m analysing keyword of Shoutmeloud. You can see Shoutmeloud is getting traffic for blogspot and adsense Keywords both are ranking in 4th and 7h position in Google respectively.

Have you noticed that it is showing best performing long tail keywords of shoutmeloud with percentage of traffic from search engine and so many things which you any bloggers need to think either to write that blog or not.

Yes, I’m talking about competition score and volume that is 90k and 200k for first two keywords for which this blog is getting  7% and 1.2 % traffic from search engine.

SEMrush review for 14 days trail with coupon code
SERP Position shoutmeloud in Search engine

When I used SEMrush for the first time I was very impressed with its Features. Since then I have been using it for conducting keyword research of competitor websites.

Actually what I do is first search any blog URL in “Domain Overview” field and then search it. After that every keyword that derive traffic to that blog appeared on front of me and here I start making excel sheet of most performing long tail keywords.

Once excel sheet of best performing keywords made I starts using these keywords and make quality content around that keywords.

Before publishing draft made by  most performing keywords I go through blog post once again to check if left any thing in this or need more improvement to compete with already ranking blogs.

This is what best seo experts do to get traffic from search engine and ranking spied keywords. If they can spy then why you’re wasting your time on Google Keyword planer when you can do so with SEMrush Pro Account.

SEMrush is providing offer for blogail reader so grab this deal and start your keyword research in your SEMrush account.

For finding good number of Long tail keyword you need to make list of competitors in your niche then perform keyword research and make list of best keywords for further process of writing quality content.

SEMrush For Keyword Research

You can also find the best long tail keywords for your blog and increasing traffic from search engine. Finding keywords with SEMrush is very easy, You just need to enter any keyword Let say ” on page seo ”  and then search it.

SEMrush review for 14 days trail with coupon code
Volume & CPC

After then you will see list of long tail related keywords with cost per click (CPC) and volume. I know that you’re using Google Keyword planner (GKP) for keyword research which does not show keyword like it shows in SEMrush or other paid tools.

keyword planner only shows bid and total amount of searches for particular keyword but SEMrush shows only relevant  and most using keywords with cost per click according to different location like US, UK and CA.

Check out SEMrush Tutorial for Keyword Research

The bid for keyword help getting best keywords with high cpc and its very common that every one want more money so they go with high cpc.

But for getting higher CPC you need a long tail keywords. Once you got highly profitable keyword then you can go with that keyword for making post to make more money .

Lets come to point and search result of ” on page seo “.

SEMrush review with 14 day trail
on page seo highly profitable keywords

Now you can see list of best performing keywords. The result shown is very accurate result by SEMrush for searched keyword with volume and CPC. I think SEMrush search result for keyword is best for ” on page seo ” and can write on same topic to increase traffic from search engines.

SEMrush For Checking Backlink & Comparison

I do not think that I need to tell anything about backlinks which is a powerful weapon to defeat any competitor in your blogging niche. Backlinks play great role in getting top rank in SERP and getting organic traffic from search results.

You know that having good number of backlink help you getting good position in serp and traffic from organic search results. So backlinks are most important thing after quality content for outranking  already ranked blogs.

SEMrush review with 14 day trail
Overview of SML

I often look at link profile of blog and blog post too before thinking of writing any content because writing high quality content takes lot of brain emery and times for researching details about that topic.

There is many backlink checker tools but only SEMrush give accurate results including referring domain and IP’s after Ahrefs and MOz.

That is where SEMrush comes in handy for looking at backlink profile of any blog. I do not know either you see backlinks of blog before writing or not but believe it is very important because if you’re blog has not good number of backlinks then forget of about ranking in top serp and traffic from search engine’s results.

SEMrush provides complete backlinks details for competitors blog which you can use further in ahrefs too for ranking your blog post to increase traffic. You can also compare your blog with your competitors for more details like How you’re blog is performing compared  to yours and accordingly make your strategy for improving blog then outrank in your niche blog.

SEMrush Pricing & Plans

While reviewing SEMrush I thought I should share SEMrush plans and price so that you can decide either to upgrade your plan after using it for a month.

SEMrush review with 14 day trail

After using SEMrush if you think or feel that its not good for you then you will also be on safe side as you have paid only for month .

You can see that SEMrush is offering 3 plans at different prices which you can upgrade to anytime.  Here is three SEMrush Plans.

SEMrush offers 3 pricing options :

  • Pro starts at $99.95 monthly
  • Guru starts at $199.95 monthly
  • Business starts at $549.95 monthly ( Now at $399 )

How To Get SEMrush Pro Account Free For 14 Days?

I believe that we learn by experiments. So if you will only want to learn using SEMrush without even heading to it then I must say that You won’t. That’s why I’m sharing link to get SEMrush Pro Account. So that you can access account which is worth of $99.95/Month.

Offer : 14 day free trail for Blogail Reader 😀

SEMrush has huge client base like Forbes who are using it from long time and taking benefits from this paid tools.

After getting SEMrush,  You can start using it and make more money with profitable keywords.  Lets Learn using SEMrush with example 😉

Final Words For SEMrush

Being Internet marketer or blogger, You have to do keyword research for finding good volume keywords, spy on competitors keywords and sometime also have to check backlinks of blogs in our niches. So you need tools like SEMrush and Long tail pro for decreasing your workload and making overall research easier for you.

Usually I do not use this tools because I used to thought that I need to pay for this tool and what If i didn’t get expected results from this tools but later I come to know that there is also a plans like SEMrush Pro for those who want to access and use these tools at cheap price.

Once used paid keyword research tool and if you liked it then you can upgrade their plans accordingly and enjoy further services of paid tools and increase more traffic to blog.

So if you really want to increase traffic on your blog from search engine then you need to do keyword research in good way and use other keyword research tools too including SEMrush which you can grab here.

SEMrush Review

Now do not waste time thinking because you’re competitors are using many paid tool to spy keywords of other blogs in their niche and making more money from traffic they gets from search results.

I reviewed SEMrush just because I’m using it from last three month and spying keywords of competitors with this. If in case you need any help regarding use of SEMrush then let me know below in comment or you can contact me on Facebook.


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