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After getting good response from readers & request from bloggers who want to contribute to Blogail , We are now accepting guest posts for every topic we covers in our blog.

Guest post is one of the best way to get noticed in blogging industry and also gets chance to meet newbies and pro bloggers. It will also get you visitors to your blog or websites.

So If you want to write or contribute a guest post for blogail then ” You’re welcome

Guest Blogging Guidelines of Blogail

We do not need to tell you “What is Guest Blog ” so lets move and talk about guidelines we have set for every guest author who decided to write for us.

Topics : Guest post you want to write should be covering our niche topic like Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Internet Tips, Product Review, WordPress and Web Hosting.

Word Limit: Your guest post should not be less than 850 words. I guess you know that Google loves long post so ignoring google is not what I do. I’m accepting those guest blog on blogail which are well researched and explained. If you’re sending any post which is short and not explained well then You’re wasting your time. So do not waste time and send me best of your work.

Note : Please send guest post along with picture ( For Post if required + Feature Image ) and author bio . Do not send me incomplete Guest Post. I won’t accept incomplete post from now (Update : 18 June 2018).

Backlink Policy : Whenever Bloggers contribute a guest post to other blogs It not only help them earn readers but they also gets chance to show their links to blog in author bio they are writing for. So we do and allow guest blogger or author to use 2 links . You can use one link in the author bio and second link that should be your article link inside the blog post.

Note : If we find word linking to any spam website or blog even to your blog we will remove it. And article you’re linking inside blog post should be relevant to guest post your writing.

Ownership : Guest Post you’re writing for Blogail should not be republished on any other blog or website in any form. You’re also giving us ownership of your submitted content by agreeing to our guideline.

Duplicate Article : Guest Post you’re submitting should be written by you not by any other blogger who has already published it any where.You’re content should not be duplicate.

Sponsor Post : We are accepting sponsor post from October 2016. Interested one can contact me on Facebook for reasonable Price. You can check our Alexa ranking and domain authority for more further research.

Advertise : We are offering Advertisement from sidebar at $50 for month.

Every paid guest post submitted to Blogail will be reviewed by Ravinder Dande before publishing. If the guest post you submitted to us didn’t meet our requirement we will remove your content from ” Submitted list ” .

How can you submit guest post to Blogail ?

Once you decided to write for us you can directly contact Founder of Blogail, Ravinder Dande on Facebook.You can also email your guest posts to us for review at [email protected]. When You sent guest post for review then you can also leave message on Facebook for faster review.