Are You Active on Facebook ?

I know my question is kind of weird but I really wanna know before telling you that How to earn money from Facebook.

To be honest, I was not aware that I can make money from Facebook without investment. Yes, You just need to be active to earn money from Facebook.

I think, Now You got me. Why I asked ” Are You Active on Facebook ? ”

Because I am gonna share most effective way to earn money from Facebook. Even You have seen people doing same but might not aware of why they are doing. You do not need worry about anything like If you can make money from Facebook or not because whatever way I am gonna share with you is also one of the easiest thing to do on Facebook.

There are many effective way which you can use to make money from Facebook without investment. I am saying ” Without Investment” that mean, You do not need to spend money. You just need to be active on Facebook so that your post reach to maximum number of people who can see it.

How to Earn Money From Facebook ?

Method 1 : Earn Money From Facebook Page

You might have liked Facebook Pages of different categories for various reason. I am sure that you also get to see many website Link in their post.

Have you ever thought ? Why Facebook Page owner publish post with website link ?

No, Because there is ads inside that webpage that help them making money from visitor they get from Facebook that’s how they make money from Facebook and you people help them making rich.

No worry,

From today, You will also be making as much as you can not think of. So Just follow what you gotta do.

I don’t think I need to tell ” How to Create Facebook ? ” .

Above Link to Create Facebook Page will help you with creating one for you. But You also need to take care of topic You are going to cover to make money from Facebook because in the end whatever you will be posting will determine how much you can earn from Facebook.

So, For You Guys I am sharing few list that will help you deciding about topic that mean You only gotta create page and shoot for Money.

There are four topic that get huge response :

  1. Entertainment (Jokes, Movie Review and Celebrity )
  2. News (Political updates)
  3. Gadgets (Particular)
  4. Music (Particular)

But Problem is that Its not that easy as it seems. You gotta work hard to increase likes and following on Facebook page. Once You reached to 100000 active follower then You can think of 100000 bucks easily.

Yes, Then you can say ” It’s that easy “.

Now Question is How to earn money from Facebook ? Right ?

See, There are some way to monetize your Facebook fans and visitors to your website from Facebook. Few of them are Adsense, Linkshrink and Amazon.

And Below is where You can Create offer and advertise same for earning money from Facebook page.

Market Your Product

These are the most trusted Advertiser so you can put your ads on any webpage/blog. Even You can publish your Amazon product link with your post and then generate some sale. For each sale you made for Amazon you will get commission as per their terms and condition.

Note : You can’t place Adsense ad code in Facebook Post else your account will be banned by Google.

So, You are Done 🙂 Enjoy,

Wait, Move to next Way to make money from Facebook.

Method 2 : Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising

This is one of the most effective way to make money from Facebook more than anything. I guess you got question ” How ? ” .

hahaha ! I knew it 🙂

It’s effective because it give commission for each sale. Lets say You generate one sale of 10$ and commission for that sale is 2% then how much you will get ? Any guess

Keep guessing. :p I am weak at Math.

Till Now, It’s best way to earn more than above method. So what you need again is Your Facebook pages audience and Your follower to convert them into your (Affiliate) customer.

And remain like posting will be same. So move your ass to Affiliate Advertising to learn How you can place your link in post and how you can make more sale to earn money from Facebook via Affiliate Advertising.

What is Affiliate Advertising ?

Affiliate is member of company who help bring them more sale and in return get decent amount of commission.
Affiliate programe is way provided by companies for those who wanna make money by bringing customer to that company. You need to join each affiliate programe of every eCommerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Jabong.

After joining their affiliate programe you will be give a unique ID and banner for marketing their products. You can do marketing for any product of your own choice and get commission for each sale.

Don’t get confuse about product because I am also sharing product that gives maximum commission.

Note : making another table.

It’s up to you what way you wanna follow to make money from Facebook. Still more way are left.

Your eye won’t hurt if You will Scroll Down. :p

Method 3 : Making Money With an E-book

You read books and sometime start writing. Yeah, I know it happens with most of people. Sometime they stop writing but there are still many people who love writing. Even they completed their book and kept secret with them.

That’s story of few but some really want reader for their Book for reviewing their work and appreciation.

To be honest, I am not writer. It’s not joke. Even I didn’t try this way but there are few of my friend who has not only completed their book but also launched their book on leading eCommerce website Amazon.

What if launched book on Amazon ? Right

Now, Their Books are ” Out of Stock ” . Man, All are sold. They made huge money with their book and see you are waiting for miracle to happen.

What he did is marketed their book on Facebook and sold each copy.

How You can sell your Book on Facebook ?

You don’t need to printed copy to sell on Amazon. Only eBook is enough that can make you money from Facebook page.How to Publish eBook on Kindle

If you’ve written book and thinking of way to reach to more people for getting readers then go and follow below steps given by Amazon itself for its kindle user where they buy books.

I can’t explain in detail so is sharing Amazon guide below :

After following above steps, Your eBook will be available for sale.

Woila You are seller and now you only gotta do marketing for ebook on your Facebook page.

Even You can try Facebook ads for reaching to right and targeted audience who would love to buy your book. Once ads is up, You just have seat and see money flow from Facebook.

Method 4 : Earn money from Facebook group

You might have joined so many groups. Some of them may be selling by making an offer of service or product (Affiliate Link) . This is one more good way after making money from Facebook page. You need to make Facebook group and increase member to 10000 and also need to manage engagement in group so that your group will remain active for long.

Sell in Group

When Everyone is group interact with each other and help each other regarding any topic then it became more easy to make offer to them because they are very targeted audience who will surely buy whatever you are having for them.

Don’t ever keep making offer to them because it look annoying and member won’t love it result into decrease in member, conversion and engagement rate.

But Now question is again same How to Earn Money from Facebook Group ?

hahaha :p I know so below your answer.

  • Paid Post from Website
  • Sponsored content.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Selling your own product and services.

Method 5 : Earn Money Via Live Video

I know that You are waiting for Making Money From Facebook via Live Video. It’s very very easiest way to earn money from Facebook because You won’t need Affiliate, Website , Book and Sponsor content.

Why ?

Because Facebook is going to set up their own advertise programe for each of its user.

And best part of it that You don’t even need Facebook Page. Yes, I am alright and brain is working fine.

Check Latest Update From Facebook : Facebook AD BREAKS into Live videos

It is new update from Facebook that allow you to make money from Facebook by displaying ads for 20 second in your live video.

Facebook AD BREAKS into Live videos

Isn’t it sound Good ?

Right Now, Facebook is testing it’s beta version in United stats and some other country that will be live after few days.

Facebook call it AUDIENCE NETWORK IN-STREAM VIDEO ADS that is available for all eligible Publisher. Like other Ad Network, Audience Network is also service from Facebook that allow placing ads onto third-party websites and apps.

How to Use Audience Network Ad Breaks in a Live Video ?



  1. This feature is currently limited to Pages and profiles in the U.S. only.
  2. You will be eligible to insert AD BREAKS into your Live videos if your Page or profile have 2,000 followers and have reached at least 300 people to concurrently viewers in one of your live video.
  3. You can take ad breaks during any live video reaching 300 or more concurrent viewers by tapping on the $ icon in the Live composer window.
  4. You can take your first ad break after having been live for at least 4 minutes. You can take additional ad breaks after a minimum of 5 minutes between each break.
  5. Each ad break lasts up to 20 seconds.
  6. Facebook is testing the Ad Breaks feature for some publishers to be able to insert short ad breaks into videos they upload.


Last Words :

Now I can say that Making Money from Facebook is not that difficult as it seems to be. Facebook even launched its own Audience Network for displaying ads in Live Videos.

So, You can give any of above method a try and see if You can earn money from Facebook. If you want any assistant then let me know below in comment. I will help you making money from Facebook.

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