How to Submit & Claim Your Website on Alexa?

How to Submit & Claim Your Website on Alexa ?

Whenever you create website you need to submit it to alexa in order to get it listed in Alexa. Alexa is place where the ranking of your blog is displayed to your audience. So submitting websites to alexa is as important as it is to submit blog to Google & Bing. Now question might arise in your mind that how you can verify blog to alexa. Do not worry about it as I will tell you a complete steps to submit and claim website on alexa. But before that learn some basics of Alexa.

What is Alexa ?

Alexa is one of the best website to check the global and local rank of any website. Alexa is one of the top website which was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliatand. It was founded to rank website globally and show ranking factors like global rank, country based rank, percent of search traffic, percent of unique visits, bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitor, daily time on site and audience demographics.

How Can you Submit & Claim Website on Alex ?

Alexa pick a new domain and showed its ranking globally and locally with some factors itself. You may be thinking if Alexa itself pick a new domain then why you should do it yourself. I completely agree with you but Alexa only show a new domain ranking to audience other details like Site name and site description, site owner and location are such a thing which you yourself has to add on Alexa. Adding these information makes your website look more professional.

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So, It’s good to submit website on Alexa yourself .When you do it yourself you add more detail about Blog to alexa profile. It is a free tool provided by Brewster & Bruce to you to find your ranking information of listed blog on Alexa. Lets started with guide to submit and claim website on alexa.

Guide To Submit Blog to Alexa

Lets start with submitting website to alexa with this beginner guide :

1. Head over to and click on ” Create an Account ” to create alexa account . You can also sign in with your facebook account but I prefer to create an account for claiming website on alexa.


create alexa account and submit blog on alexa


2. Once you created alexa account then go to Alexa Site info Page and search for any website.


submit blog on alexa and Certify website

3. After searching your domain name you will see ” Is this your site? Certify your site’s metrics “. Now when you click on ” Certify your site’s metrics ” A pop-up will display message :


Submit blog and verify website on Alexa
4. Click on ” View Plans and Pricing ” to see which plan Alexa is offering at what price. Alexa offer three plans and price which your have to choose according to your need. But for small or newbie bloggers who want to submit blog to alexa I suggest them to go with a free plan of alexa. You can check out complete information related to plans and price of alexa here.

View Plans and Pricing to verify website on
5. You can verify website for free on Alexa .You have three method to verify blog ownership on Alexa. You are about to claim website ownership so this is time when you have to add your website information to Alexa.


claim & verify website on Alexa

6. You can edit blog details by heading to My Dashbaord option of your alexa account and from there select EDIT SITE LISTING from site management drop down list. After clicking on EDIT SITE LISTING you are redirected to your website then click on site in which want to make change or editing like site name and site description, site owner, address public email and the country for ranking.


EDIT SITE LISTING from site management to verify website to Alexa[spacer height=”20px”]

Steps for Claiming website in Alexa

1. Three method to claim blog ownership :

Three method to claim ownership on Alexa
Method 1 Upload an Alexa verification file to your site’s root directory

Method 2 Add an Alexa Verification ID to your homepage

Method 3 Verify website metrics.(Only available in Alexa Pro)

2. These are three way which you can use to verify website ownership on Alexa. You can choose any of the method to verify and claim blog on Alexa. Method 2 of adding verification id to homepage is good and easy one to verify blog on Alexa. You just have to copy Verification ID or Meta tag from alexa to your home page or in header section of your website.

Verification ID (Meta tag) example: <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”>

3. For WordPress, user you can verify blog to alexa by following path mentioned here : => Theme Header (header.php).

For blogspot user, You can verify blog to alexa by following path mentioned here : => Edit HTML

4. I know you are thinking where to add Alexa Verification ID (Meta tag) in wordpress or blogger blog. To verify blog you need to add Verification ID or meta tag between <HEAD> and <BODY> section. Once you’re added meta tag than Alexa Verification page and click on ” Verify” button to claim website on alexa. A message will be displayed “You have successfully claimed your site”.

I hope you have successfully verifed site on Alexa. Now you can edit details about your website like site name and site description, site owner your business etc. When your’re done then click on ” save and continue ” and your site details on alexa will be updated. So your website is verified and claimed on alexa. You will notice that there are some features that are blocked on alexa if you want these blocked feature then you need a premium  account or need to buy plan on alexa.

Guide to submitting and claiming blog to alexa is finished here. So If You find this guide helpful then do not forget to share this on facebook and Google plus with your friends.

In case you’re getting any problem related to submitting and verifying site to alexa then let me know I’ll help you. Do subscribe for latest udpates.


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