How to Create Multiple Youtube Channel with one Google Account ?

How to create Multiple Youtube channel with one google account

Youtube is the most popular video sharing websites of the World that allow its users to users to upload, view, rate, share and comment on videos. To create Youtube channel You need a gmail account . [spacer height=”20px”]

According to Press Information , Youtube has a over billion users and most of them actively watch millions of hours on Youtube everyday. [spacer height=”20px”]
Thus, Youtube is used by marketer the most for marketing of their products via videos over the Internet. These days not only marketers but popular bloggers are creating multiple youtube channel for sharing video blog.[spacer height=”20px”]

How to create multiple Youtube channel using Google Account ?[spacer height=”20px”]

You can start as many youtube channel as you want to create with single google account that mean you do not need multiple gmail account. Lets know How to create multiple Youtube channel with single google account.[spacer height=”20px”]

Steps to Create Multiple Youtube Channel[spacer height=”20px”]

Step #1 : Search Youtube on Google or Open it to setup an Youtube account.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #2 : Now Sign in to Your Youtube Account. [spacer height=”20px”]
Step #3 : Click on Youtube setting to Start a new channel.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #4 : Click on ” My channels or Go to YouTube channel switcher .[spacer height=”20px”]

create youtube channel
YouTube channel switcher

[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #5 : Now You’re on YouTube channel switcher page where You can start new channel or see all your created youtube channels .[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #6 : You will see two option there that is create youtube channel directly without having Google plus page or create youtube channel with Existing Google+ page.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #7 : You can select any of option according to your need. If you have already created Google+ Business page then go for create a new channel with Existing Google plus page. If You have not created business page then create channel directly.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step #8 : As I didn’t create Google+ Business page for my personal Youtube channel so I have selected first option that is to create a new channel directly.[spacer height=”20px”]

  • I’ve clicked on ” create a new channel ” and enter the desired name and category for my youtube channel. After clicking on Done button I successfully started my channel for personal video blog.[spacer height=”20px”]
    create youtube channel
    Create a new channel

    [spacer height=”20px”]

  • So Follow the above steps to create multiple youtube channel for your business directly without having Google+ business page which will be created automatically after starting youtube channel.[spacer height=”20px”]

Step #9 : Now I’ve created another youtube channel for already created Google plus page for Business .

  • Click on Google+ page for which you want to start youtube channel then window will display “Create a channel for ” your page name.[spacer height=”20px”]
    create youtube channel for already Google plus page [spacer height=”20px”]
  • After clicking Ok , window will be displaying that ” Your channel and Google+ page will be connected ” .[spacer height=”20px”]
    Create youtube channel [spacer height=”20px”]

These are the steps to create multiple youtube channel. If you gets any problem regarding same then let us know below in the comment.

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