How to Choose a Right Domain Name For Business ?


What is a domain name ?[spacer height=”default”]

A domain name is identity or website name on the Internet.Your domain name is business address which gives user a identifiction of your business on the web.Choosing right domain for business is not easy task that require plenty of thoughts because your domain must indicate about business you are doing.Make sure you choose domain name that is easy to remember or can give users a idea about your business.[spacer height=”default”]

A domain is an online identity of business.So you need to choose domain that is easy to find and say about your business.Here are the tips that will help you choose the right domain name.[spacer height=”default”]


1. CHOOSE RIGHT DOMAIN[spacer height=”default”]

Domain name is what ranks in search results.Search engine looks for what your website is all about before listing it in search results.So your domain must gives a idea about business to get business domain or website listed in relevant search results. [spacer height=”default”]

2. CHOOSE UNIQUE DOMAIN[spacer height=”default”]

Having unique domain will let user remember business name without any confusion. User can also find your business easily on the Internet simply by typing your domain name or business name.[spacer height=”default”]

3. EASY TO TYPE[spacer height=”default”]

Your domain name should be easy to type.If you choose domain which is harder to spell or type then it will be harder for user too to find your business on the web.You need to pick right domain but at same time avoid number or words like ” 4 – four ” and ” u – you ” . Do you want user to find you business easily then you must have domain which is easy to type or spell for anyone. [spacer height=”default”]

4. SHORT DOMAIN NAME[spacer height=”default”]

You must choose short domain for your business because short name are easy to spell and easy to remember.If you choose long domain than there may be chance that user will mistype or misspell it.[spacer height=”default”]

5. NICHE DOMAIN[spacer height=”default”]

If you are thinking of having niche website then you must have domain name (including niche keyword) releated to your niche market.For example “Blogger” blogging plateform clearly gives a idea about plateform to users.[spacer height=”default”]

6. HAVE KEYWORDS[spacer height=”default”]

When you start finding domain name for your business you have idea of business so choose right domain near to business and place keyword that describe you business because domain is best place to have keyword related to business which also helps users find your business on the Internet.For example you want to start retailing business site so your domain name must be releated to same like ” “.[spacer height=”default”]

7. TARGET AUDIENCE[spacer height=”default”]

If you have local business then you must have your city name in your domain name so that user can find your business website easily on the Internet. [spacer height=”default”]

8. AVOID NUMBERS AND HYPHENS[spacer height=”default”]

Avoid numbers and hyphens are essential for any domain because it makes harder for user to remember your domain name like if you use symbols ( ” _ ” “%” ) and number (1 or 3) then user may misspell it. [spacer height=”default”]

9. MEMORABLE DOMAIN[spacer height=”default”]

Choosing a domain name that is catchy and memorable will help users remember your business name.Once you choose right domain for your business then go ahead to register it fast as domain sells quickly.You can lose your domain in second if someone else buy domain which you have choosen for your business.So do it fast.[spacer height=”default”]

10. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT[spacer height=”default”]

The name you have choosed for your business should not be any copyrighted and trademarked of any company.You must check by visiting if domain you are choosing is not infringing copyright of any company.[spacer height=”default”]

11. DOMAIN NAME EXTENSION[spacer height=”default”]

Every website ends with domain extention or suffixes for instance .com , .net and .org.There are many domain extention that has its own profit like you have local business then you will go with top country level domain for example , , and However .com domain extention is the most popular but its is also difficult to get .com domain extention for business because its been around for long.[spacer height=”default”]


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12. HAVE DOMAIN FAST[spacer height=”default”]

Once you choosed domain name for your business then buy it fast as domain name sell quickly.You can lost your domain if missed by seconds so act fast and register your favorite domain name before someone else register it. If you are not getting domain of your choice then you can look at suggested domain which appears during domain search.For registering domain you can head to domain registrars like Godaddy Bluehost, Hostgator, Bigrocks and Namecheap. I recommend Godaddy to buy domain name from.Godaddy offers very cheap domain name which you can register for you business.[spacer height=”default”]

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  1. Great article. This is as good a primer on how to choose a domain name that I’ve seen anywhere. This should be a must-read for anyone purchasing a domain name for a business or blog.

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