How to Add Nofollow To Any Link ?

You may be looking for Nofollow & Dofollow that is what newbie bloggers became familier with in begining. Adding No follow tag to link not only makes Search engine optimization for your blog much better but it also protect your blog from spammer(spam comment).[spacer height=”default”]
Both Nofollow and Dofollow links are good for your website as number of links pointing to your website will increase page rank of your website or blog.This is also a part of Search engine optimization.[spacer height=”default”]

Dofollow link and Add Nofollow Link
add rel=” nofollow”

You might have question like what is Nofollow tag and Dofollow tag ? Why is it important to add Nofollow tag to blog or website ? I’ll give you a answer to your question but before that read what I’m trying to let you understand about how to use Nofollow Attributes .[spacer height=”default”]
For you Guys Today I’m going to share how to add Nofollow tag to a link. So lets start with begining from where the Dofollow link and Nofollow link terms has came. [spacer height=”default”]

What is Dofollow link and Nofollow Link ?[spacer height=”default”]

Dofollow links are those links which you want search engine bot (Google ) to follow from the page and Nofollow links are those links which you do not want Google bot to follow. Lets suppose you want to add any website for giving an example to your reader but at same time you do not want to pass page rank of your website or tranfer Google juice to mentioned site at that time you can add Nofollow tag to let search engine bot know that you do not want Google bot to follow link from your page. [spacer height=”default”]
Nofollow attributes let you tell search engine bot (Google bot) that do not follow a specific link from a blog or website. Nofollow tag in simple words instruct the search engine bot not to follow a link from the page. Google has a guideline for Nofollow attributes in which it is mentioned that when or where user should add rel=” nofollow” to make link of blog Nofollow.[spacer height=”default”]

Why is it important to add Nofollow tag to blog or website ?[spacer height=”default”]

Page rank  is a creation of Google which tells the authority of website. Google ranks website according to Page rank of that website.Google came up with Nofollow tag because Google has noticed that some blog are using their page rank to increase authority or transfer page rank to sponsored website.This way of increasing page rank of any website is called Google Juice. [spacer height=”default”]
Google has made some guidelines accroding to which it monitors website indexed on google. Google has stated that website must not help or pass Google juice to other website to increase the authority of that site by paid links.Thus Google has created rel=” nofollow” to make link of the page Nofollow so that user can write sponsered post and add sponsors link to their blog without passing Google link juice to sponsered site. [spacer height=”default”]
Blogs like wordpress , blogspot and website by default use dofollow tag to blog it means whenever you add any website to your blog post you are letting Google juice to pass on to added website which is not good for your blog health as Google hates blog using dofollow attribute for website having spam content or paid link so do not do this and add Nofollow link attribute to maintain page rank of your website. [spacer height=”default”]

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How to add Nofollow Attributes to a link?[spacer height=”default”]

As you know 90% blog are hosted by wordpress and rest are hosted by blogspot , tumber and etc.You can make your blog nofollow hosted on any where just by heading to ” edit HTML ” and add ref = ” nofollow ” attribute to links which you do not want google to follow from your page.You can do it by as I’ve done this here : [spacer height=”default”]
[sociallocker]Your link look like this[spacer height=”default”]
<a href=””>Learn Blogging </a> [spacer height=”default”]
To make link nofollow, Just add an Nofollow attribute to the link [spacer height=”default”]
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Learn Blogging</a> [spacer height=”default”][/sociallocker]
If your blog are hosted on server or use wordpress software for publishing your blog then you can install Nofollow plugin for this making your blog Nofollow as there are many advance plugin for doing same task for free.These free Nofollow plugin will help you making all outgoing link of your website or blog Nofollow.[spacer height=”default”]
You could be banned from Google if your blog has so many outbound link and use dofollow tag for all link on your page. Adding Nofollow tag to your blog is very simple as said above You just have to type ref = ” nofollow ” with link you are adding to your blog post to make it Nofollow.[spacer height=”default”]
You must use Nofollow tag to your blog to maintain page rank of your website.Doing so will also helps your blog indexed on google.[spacer height=”default”]
Watch what Matt cutts of Google has to say about Dofollow link and Nofollow link attributes : [spacer height=”default”]

[spacer height=”default”]
Blogail is hosted on Bluehost and use WordPress to publish blog here. So I’ve installed Nofollow wordpress plugin to make all external link Nofollow.[spacer height=”default”]
So Guys I’m done with guide ” how to add nofollow tag to a link ” and made my blog nofollow with same information and steps.Now its your turn to use Nofollow tag to your blog.Let us know if you are getting any problem while adding ref = ” nofollow ” tag.[spacer height=”default”]

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