How to Hide Facebook Friend List from Others in 2017?

Hide Friend List

Facebook allow your friends to see the people in your list. This let them know whom you are connected with . They can easily send then friend request if they want to and if your list is not hidden from them .

Sometime what happens is that some people who is friend with you try to send request to your close or business friends without knowing you. It feel awkward when you come to know about this from that person who got friend request from person in your list even when they do not know each other.

So those who want to hide Facebook friends from others on your timeline, it has feature of hiding friends from everyone or from particular people. it has gave complete control to you to over your account which you can manage according to your need and security.

As security became major issue on Facebook, It is making its features more user friendly and easy to use. As per features You can hide anything from status to your friends from another friends. You can even hide your status manually for particular people on your timeline.

If you want to hide your friend list from another friends then you can hide your list from them with few steps which I’m going to share with you.

One more thing which you might have noticed in ” Suggested friends ” is Mutual friends that shows to friends in your list which they can see and send request to any of them. This is where Facebook feature of hiding friend list come to use.

Today, I’m going to guide you with “How to Hide Facebook friends from another ?”.

Lets starts and hide list 😉

You may know that Facebook keeps updating its privacy setting for its users. Even it updated privacy policy after hoax that went viral on Internet recently. Lets leave that hoax for a moment and hide Facebook friends list from others.

It won’t take too much time of you so you can easily hide your friends list on Facebook with below steps :

  • You need to login to Facebook account (If you are not logged in)
  • Then move to your Profile page or Timeline.

Hide facebook friend list

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  • There You can see your About, Friends, Photos and more.
  • Now click on Friends. [spacer height=”20px”]

Facebook Friend list Privacy[spacer height=”20px”]

You’re landed to Facebook friend list page where you can see and manage (delete or hide) your friends. You can find and click on ” Manage ” icon at the top right corner and then click on “Edit Privacy”.

Manage Facebook friend list privacy[spacer height=”20px”]

From “Edit Privacy” window you can manage who can see your friends list. You can control everything like you can hide following and friends list from public. I chose ” only to me ” and hidden my friends and following list. So I recommend you to choose ” Only to me ” for first two option so that no one can see your friends and following list on Facebook.

Hide Facebook Friends[spacer height=”20px”]

If you want to hide your friend list from particular friend on Facebook then you can click on “custom” option given below only to me.

Now select friend with which you want to share your friend list on Facebook. It’s only a additional option if in case anyone want to share but it’s strongly recommended to hide list from others for privacy of people in your list.

If this article helped you hiding Facebook friends list then don’t forget to share it with your buddies. 🙂

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