Find Facebook Page And Profile ID in Less than 30 seconds

Yesterday when I was looking for Facebook Page and Profile ID for WordPress plugins I found it easily as I was aware of where I can see that Facebook ID . Later I thought that why not to share steps to find Facebook page/profile ID number with you guys.  [spacer height=”20px”]
I know Its easy but sometime in hurry we gets confused about profile & page ID. I’m sure that you have noticed that Facebook user who set his/her custom username for page and profile can not see unique Facebook Profile & Page ID . [spacer height=”20px”]
Having a custom Facebook username is very helpful to find person’s profile and page but it’s very time consuming when you have to check facebook Page and profile ID number .[spacer height=”20px”]
You can find Facebook unique ID in less than 30 second by three methods. So Lets find ” Facebook ID number ” .[spacer height=”20px”]

How To Find Facebook Page/Profile ID Number in Less Than 30 Second ?[spacer height=”20px”]

#1 Find Facebook profile id number via source code : [spacer height=”20px”]

Find Facebook Profile/Page ID
Facebook Profile of Ravinder Dande

1. Click on Facebook profile of which you want to find ID number.[spacer height=”20px”]

[spacer height=”20px”]
2. When you’re on Facebook profile then press two (Ctrl+u) keys together.[spacer height=”20px”]

Find Facebook Profile/Page ID
Facebook Profile Source Code

[spacer height=”20px”]
3. Once you pressed key source code of that profile will be displayed.[spacer height=”20px”]

Find Facebook Profile/Page ID
Facebook Profile ID in Source Code

[spacer height=”20px”]
4. Then search for ” profile_id ” in the source code Profile page. Here you got unique ID number.[spacer height=”20px”]

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Ravinder Dande profile _ id=100002215176318 [spacer height=”20px”]

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Update 8 Feb 2016 : You can also find Facebook Page Id via source code. 

#2 Find Facebook profile/page id number via username : [spacer height=”20px”]



#3 Find Facebook page id numder in about section : [spacer height=”20px”]

For finding Facebook profile id you can use first two methods out of which second one is not working . But for finding Facebook page id number you can also check setting option of your Facebook page.[spacer height=”20px”]

Note : Third method is helpful if you’re owner or admin of Facebook page. I mean that you can check some one else page ID by first method not by third method. [spacer height=”20px”]

1. Go to Facebook page of which you want to find id number. [spacer height=”20px”]

Find Facebook Page/Profile ID
Facebook Page of Ravinder Dande

[spacer height=”20px”]
2. Head to ” about section ” of page.[spacer height=”20px”]

Find Facebook Page/Profile ID
Facebook Page Info & ID

[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Click on ” page info ” and check Facebook page id number below.[spacer height=”20px”]
Facebook Page ID of Ravinder Dande : 1589528427969121 [spacer height=”20px”]

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Here I’m done with steps to search Facebook page and profile ID. If you’re still getting any problem or doubts about Facebook page & profile Id  number then let me know where you’re facing problem. I’ll help you finding Facebook id for you.[spacer height=”20px”]

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If you have any method which you’re using for finding Facebook page/profile id number then let me know and share with others.[spacer height=”20px”]

Hordy ! Ravinder Dande here,
I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and an affiliate marketer. I get to know about blogging in 2014 and started in 2015. I am good at RANKING BLOG that’s what I like the most. I share whatever strategies works with my readers.

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