5 Factors Effecting Blog Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate

An increase in bounce rate of your site can be a bit frustrating at times, especially if you have a Blog where conversion is mainly based on your visitors spending more time on your site, you should be more concerned about your bounce rate a lot. I just want to point out some of the factors which actually influences your bounce rate, so it will be useful for you to look into these areas and rectify the problem.[spacer height=”20px”]

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These are the factors that effect Bounce Rate:[spacer height=”20px”]

#1 Page Load time[spacer height=”20px”]

No one likes a page that takes too long to load, at the most majority of the visitors wait for 3 to 4 seconds for your pages to show some signs that it’s loading. Otherwise, [spacer height=”20px”]Blog Page Loading Speed[spacer height=”20px”]They tend to move on to the next search result in search engines. Make sure your pages are optimized well to load faster, also get a better hosting provider instead of going for cheap and crappy ones.[spacer height=”20px”]
I suggest you choose ASmallOrange as its an Ultimate WebHosting Company with over lakhs of customers and have plans starting at $5/Month. I’m personally recommending ASmallOrange . [spacer height=”20px”]
Remove unwanted Scripts and Plugins and make the Page Clean. Reduce the number of ads on a page.To check the Page load speed of your Blog or Blog Post, go to PageSpeed Insights by Google. [spacer height=”20px”]


#2 Poor Content[spacer height=”20px”]

Content is the core part of your site. If your site is holding crappy and inferior quality materials, do not think people will be interested in reading whatever the content you have on your site. Just because you rank high for a competitive keyword doesn’t mean visitors will keep on reading the content on your site.[spacer height=”20px”]

Even Sometime content looks weird !

The quality of the content plays a very significant role in achieving the results you want to, so pay more attention to your contents.[spacer height=”20px”]

Use Grammarly Tool to find out Spelling Mistakes, Improve Grammar. This tool is just an awesome tool and used by millions of Students and bloggers.[spacer height=”20px”]

#3 Image Search[spacer height=”20px”]

Google Images[spacer height=”20px”]

Some people are concerned about image search traffic to their site, optimizing their images with alt and title tags for specific keywords, etc. Optimizing images can be useful for individual sites. But not necessarily its going to be of any use for a majority. As people who use image search are just looking towards stealing the images to use it on their site or use it for some personal use.[spacer height=”20px”]

Whatever might be the reason, primary motive of people searching for images is the images itself, not the content of the site that contains the image.[spacer height=”20px”]

The very nature of this traffic is such that your visitors tend to leave your site soon. More traffic you get out of image search, more likely your bounce rate is going to increase to a greater extent.[spacer height=”20px”]

Although this bounce rate is not going to influence your rankings in regular search results, it’s still a whole bunch of useless hits to your site that will not only eat up the bandwidth from your server as images take in more bandwidth over text, it gives you terrible results with bounce rate issue.[spacer height=”20px”]

It’s a good idea to block your images being indexed with few codes in robots.txt. [spacer height=”20px”]


#4 Ranking High For Wrong Keyword[spacer height=”20px”]

Frankly, there is nothing you can do about this issue, but there are certainly times where your page might show up in search results for keywords which you are hardly targeting it to rank for. So you need to find right Long Tail Keywords for ranking high in SERP. [spacer height=”20px”]

This can be a problem because the searcher might not find the information he is looking for in your blog and tend to leave your page quickly.[spacer height=”20px”]

Generally, this sorts of problems are immediately rectified by search engines within few days to a week’s time so it should not worry you much. Also, these mistakes happen on a very rare occasion.[spacer height=”20px”]


#5 Loading A third Party Script[spacer height=”20px”]

Just the other day I was trying to insert a twitter button over my posts, one strange thing I noticed after installing it, the page load time peaked to over 10 to 15 seconds which is really bad for my site, So I decided to take it off. If you are going to insert a third party Script, Make sure you host that script on your Site or any fast server.[spacer height=”20px”]

So make sure when you install a third party script to your blogs or sites it’s not getting a free ride on your site’s page load time.[spacer height=”20px”]

There are bound to be a little lag with the load time when you install one but make sure it’s staying to the minimum.

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  1. Good tips. I also think page load time is very important. For that reason I upgraded to SSD Linux VPS and purchased CloudFlare CDN. My site loads much faster now. I hope it will improve the bounce rate 🙂

  2. Bounce rate is a serious issue for online business, People and search engines loves fast render websites. Site speed, Unique content, catchy headlines with unique images and many more.. points are really worthy thanks for sharing!

  3. Mounish – Glad to read the post written by you. Such a well written and informative post.
    However i have a doubt – I have always been weak in identifying and optimizing the third party scripts, can you please help me in optimizing them?

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