7 Best SEO Blogs of Experts Which You Should Follow in 2017

Search engine optimisation is most important term in the Blogosphere. Every bloggers whenever starts blogging meets with SEO experts and terms . Following these SEO experts & professional help you in learning SEO in deep.

SEO is something like Newton rule you learnt in High School but this is a different thing too that you bloggers need to undestand for getting your blog optimized well for Search engine .

Best SEO Blogs of Experts to Follow For Every Blogger in 2017[spacer height=”20px”]

Search Engine Optimisation

Google keeps udpating its alogithms to make search engine more better to provide user a accurate and exact results. The SEO is important to understand because it will let Search engine (Google, Bing & Yahoo) to crawl your webpage.

Every newbie even professional bloggers keep reading about Search engine optimisation News to let themself update their knowledge about SEO to improve search engine ranking.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

I know You guys have question What the Hell search engine optimisation is ? right 🙂

Well SEO is not a term to fear about .

SEO in simple words mean representation or optimisation blog perfectly by following rules of Search Engine.

You migh have seen many blogs and website ranking higher on search engine that is because they wrote their blog post in Good writing and Structure for readers not for search engine.

SEO Experts

I always looks for experiments on search engine optimisation did by the professional bloggers. These professional Bloggers Like Neil Patel and Brian Dean do this kind of experiment to understand how things work and what you need to optimized your blogs for search engine perfectly.

They even share this experiment with their readers to let them know what they did and what was result of experiments and how same can help readers.

They share everything what it takes to rank higher on search engine that is only a reason I’m following SEO experts . I do not say I know every thing about search engine optimisation. But following them can absolutely help you learning new things daily.

Most popular SEO Experts and Bloggers share whatever it took them to get their blog on top ranking of search engine.

Although there are basics search engine optimization that you need to learn first that is Do’s and Don’ts of SEO which every bloggers must know because without it you can’t move further and understand advances SEO.

I’m sure like me you’re also outsourcing your SEO by following SEO Experts who always has something new about SEO for readers.

Best SEO blogs of Experts & Professional Blogger [spacer height=”20px”]

The way Google keeps updating its algorithm the term search engine optimization becomes more broader and more informative which like Google You too should keeps updating with.

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The most popular blog like MOZ which also offers tool for checking backlinks of site has very informative blogs with Video tutorials that helps in improving your basics.

Best SEO blogs of Experts & Professional Blogger

There are professional blogs of Neil , Brian and Moz that are helpful to every bloggers. There is one more blog that share complete SEO Strategies in such a format that you can understand it easily . Yes I’m talking about Hubspot blog which is continuously making their content more helpful for every one even for newbies.

7 Best SEO Blogs of Experts Which You Should Follow in 2017

To be friendly I’m making this post easily because I learnt from those bloggers who are best in their area of interest either it is SEO , backlinks or keyword strategy.

Every blogger has its own ” list to follow SEO blogs ” of popular blog and I’m sure You also have this blog in their ” list to follow SEO blogs of Experts ” .

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I have been following professional SEO bloggers and best websites even before my blogging Journey. I’m following them in every steps of blogging. I also subscribed to daily newsletter of these SEO blog websites so that I get every update from them.

1. Search Engine Land[spacer height=”20px”]

Search Engine Land (SEL) is one of the best website in SEO field. SEL publish the content that is more accurate and covering topic in detailed for its readers on search engine . The contents SEL share is well written by professional bloggers are helpful to every bloggers . SEL also publish blog related to technology but focus of SEL blog is on SEO & Search Engine News.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Search Engine Land explained every contents of Search engine optimization very well in a chapters for readers. Going through all of these SEO chapters may help you learn SEO Basics and improve search engine ranking of your blog.

Best Read : Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

Website : Search Engine Land SEO

Follow Search Engine Land on twitter : @sengineland

2. Moz[spacer height=”20px”]

Moz , is a free tool to check domain authority, page authority and root domain , has been publishing the Best SEO guide for bloggers since 2004 . Moz publish the Search engine optimization guide in advance and detailed way for beginners.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

SEOmoz’s blog focus is on the SEO & Marketing . Moz has community where you can ask question .

Best Read : The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Website : SEOMoz

Follow Moz on twitter : @Moz

3. Quicksprout[spacer height=”20px”]

Neil Patel is , a founder of Kissmetrics & Quicksprout, recognized as SEO expert. Neil Patel is best in SEO field who keeps experimenting the practical SEO and shares result come out of technique used by him while experimenting . Quick sprout is the best Search engine optimization blog to learn for every bloggers .

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Quick sprout has collection of very helpful guide for SEO & Marketing which I followed and read whenever I look for SEO tips.

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Neil patel’s blog help you improving search engine ranking of blog with Advance Guide to SEO.

Best Read : The Advanced Guide to SEO 

Neil Patel is featured in many magazines and helped so many business .

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Website : Neil Patel

Follow Neil Patel on twitter : @neilpatel

4. Backlinko[spacer height=”20px”]

Backlinko is also a best SEO website. Brian Dean is an SEO expert and founder of Backlinko.He shares detailed SEO Guide covering topic in depth. Brian Dean does not ofter publish post as he is busy working on next experiment of SEO for readers. Brian’s blog focus is on the SEO & Backlinks.[spacer height=”20px”]

Brian featured on many magazines.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Best Read : SEO Strategy Case Study: 963% More Organic Traffic

See What Neil Patel Says about Brian Dean

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Brian is best known for building backlinks tips and that is reason I’m following him.

Website : Backlinko 

Follow Brian Dean on twitter : @Backlinko

5. Copyblogger[spacer height=”20px”]

Copyblogger is a best website for SEO & Content. Copyblogger finds attractive ways of making content more engaging to derive traffic on blog and shared same with its readers. It shares how you can make SEO friendly content on search engine for getting ranked higher on Google for readers and traffic . Copyblogger has a large number of ebooks and Seminars for free for its readers.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

I’m following copyblogger Since 2015 when I started blogging and found best content writing tips there.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Best Read : The Ultimate Blogger Writing Guide

Website : Copyblogger

Follow copyblogger on Twitter : @copyblogger

6. Hubspot[spacer height=”20px”]

Hubspot is one of most popular SEO website which you should follow. The content Hubspot shares are written in such a way that any one can understand it in on go . It is the best in SEO & Marketing covering topic around it for its readers . Hubspot’s blog focus is on SEO & Marketing.

Best SEO blogs of Experts to follow for every blogger

Best read : A Step-by-Step Guide for On-Page SEO Management

Website : Hubspot SEO

Follow HubSpot on twitter : @HubSpot

7. Matt Cutts [spacer height=”20px”]

Last but not the least Matt Cutts is most talked personality over the internet for search engine. Matt Cutts is also a spokesperson for Google Search. Matt shares what Google has updated recently and clear doubt of bloggers about Search engine optimization . If You’re blogger then you shouldn’t forget to follow Matt cutts.

Watch Google’s Matt Cutts Youtube Video : How to Get Better Visibility on Google

Website : Matt Cutts Google & SEO 

Follow Matt Cutts on twitter : @mattcutts

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Best Free Blogging Platforms & Websites

How to Set Up Custom Domain on Blogger in 5 Minutes ?

Final Word :[spacer height=”20px”]

These are the best SEO websites which I am following for learning SEO basics and improving search engine ranking of my blog. I’m sure these websites improve your Search engine optimization knowledge and your blog’s search engine ranking . I am not only following these best websites but also read their daily updates as these SEO websites explore new SEO technique that help many bloggers in improving ranking of blog . So following best SEO blog website may do good of your blog ranking on search engine in 2016.

Hordy ! Ravinder Dande here,
I am professional blogger, Internet marketer and an affiliate marketer. I get to know about blogging in 2014 and started in 2015. I am good at RANKING BLOG that’s what I like the most. I share whatever strategies works with my readers.

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  1. Hi Ravinder Dande,
    These are 7 Top SEO Talented and Advance Blogs in the world, Lot of value and quality seems in their blogs which I follow to do marketing. I am a big fan of Mr.Neil Patel. I learned and Earned. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is a great list you provided in here…this blogs are awesome place to learn and stay up-to-date regarding various trends and search engine updates….SEOMoz and Search Engine Land are my personal favorites.

  5. A good list, Ravinder. I’d also suggest eMarketer, Econsultancy and The Drum for general digital news and insights – SEO doesn’t exist in a silo and an eye on the wider picture can be really beneficial.

  6. Wow everything included. I trust Moz the most and follow neil, backlinko every where as they are the best experts who are helping and providing information. this blog is really awesome was great time reading articles and was fun to know so much. thanks man!

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