Best Free Blogging Platforms & Websites in 2016

Are you thinking of creating a blog ? If yes then you can start blogs for free with best blogging platforms.There are many blogging websites but there are only few which are best and free. Before getting into trouble lets read further.[spacer height=”20px”]

Best Free Blogging Platform & Websites for Newbie blogger in 2016 [spacer height=”20px”]

Where should you start blogging from and why ? [spacer height=”20px”]

Blogging is one of the best tool find by most people for sharing their voice and idea with the World. Blogging is also a source of information, education and enagement on Social media.There are more than 200 million blogs pulbishes every days. Even Businesses like Google , Microsoft and Facebook also publishes their official updates as blogs. You might have seen and read the story of bloggers who becames millioners after getting onto online pulbishing platform like blogger and wordpress .[spacer height=”20px”]

Best free blogging platforms websites , and

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Some of you might think that blogging is technical thing for which you need a expert to get things done . To be honest with you Blogging is not as difficult as you think. You just require a time to learn some basics but at same time you do not need to think much if you choose best blogging website . If you want to create free blog then you can have it on Tumblr, Blogger and wordpress which are free and easy to use and has many feature to make your blog look good . [spacer height=”20px”]
There are plenty of people who want to taste blogging and earn some money from their blogs. If you’re creating blog for money I say do not start as earning money is not easy you need to work hard to bring readers on your blog. But if you are serious about starting blogging then start with free blogging site because these platform are only the best place where you can learn things like Basics and SEO smoothly and you can also move your blog further when your blog start getting traffic . [spacer height=”20px”]

Best Free Blogging Platform & Websites for Newbie blogger in 2016  [spacer height=”20px”]

To give you a direction I’m going to explore one of the best free blogging platforms for newbies who are few steps away from their blog .Today I’ll let you look into the best blogging websites including WordPress, Blogspot (Blogger) and Tumblr. After that you will be able to take next steps to create free blog site . [spacer height=”20px”]

WordPress[spacer height=”20px”]

Best free blogging platforms websites and

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WordPress is the one of the best and popular blogging platform which was released on 2003. It powers more than 70 million website even some most popular website like Mashable is also powered by WordPress. Sources says that every third website is hostesd on it. Thus WordPress is a most popular blog sites and online publishing tool has search engine friendly content management system. It has large number of free and paid themes for its users.There are so many plugin and widgets available for everthing to get things done. You just need to install plugin and let plugines works for you.[spacer height=”20px”]

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There are two version of wordpress blogging websites one is and second is some people often confused about this . Its free to set your blog up on but on you need Domain (5$ to 10$) and server (5$ /month) for hosting your blog which cost more than anything. As far as we are talking about free blogging Sites for beginers so forget about for now and keep reading as there is two more blogging platforms left in which one may suits best for you.If in case you are not getting anything on then you can also ask your question to wordpress community which is considered most popular and largest community . If you’re new to blogging then you can choose as your blogging platform and start blogging for free.[spacer height=”20px”]

Pros : [spacer height=”20px”]

Free & Flexibile : Its free software for publishing and running any kind of blog.
Fully customized : WordPress is open source software so you can develop themes and plugines for your blog .[spacer height=”20px”]
Good community support : WordPress has a largest community so you can seek support from them when needed.[spacer height=”20px”]
Plugins and Themes : Wordpess has millions of themes and plugines for its user which wordpress keep updating time to time and you can also build your own themes and plugin as it is fully customised.[spacer height=”20px”]

Cons :[spacer height=”20px”]

Hosting : If you want professional website or blog then you must need domain and server for hosting your blog which is expensive for some . Self hosted wordpress site are the best option for those who want to make money online and become publisher.[spacer height=”20px”]

Blogspot[spacer height=”20px”]

Best free blogging platforms websites and

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Blogger is one of the first blogging platform which Google bought in 2003 . Blogger formely was known as blogspot. Blogger is a most popular blogging websites among every newbie blogger. You just need a Google account to create free blog online. Starting blog on blogger is free even you can host your blog by pointing your domain to blogger.You can easily get started with your free blog sites. You can also take advantage of Adsense feature which is integrated with blogspot to make income from your blog.[spacer height=”20px”]

I recommend Blogger to every newbie who are on their way to create a blog because Blogger is only a blogging platform where you can host your domain and blog for free. You can make your online presence via your blog with domain which too is easy to point.I said above that You do not need any technical skill for starting blog because these best blog site offers you a easy to set up blog for free.You can also customize your blog whenever you feel by going to setting option on blogger. Blogspot is mostly liked by users for its added features of google like Adsense and Analytics.[spacer height=”20px”]

Pros : [spacer height=”20px”]

Easy to Start : You can start your blog with easy to set up steps of blogger.[spacer height=”20px”]
Simple : It is very simple platform where every beginers can start from ground zero.[spacer height=”20px”]
Monetization : Google added Adsense feature to Blospot for its user so they can make money from Adsense.[spacer height=”20px”]
Support : As far as Blogger is owned by Google so like WordPress , Blogger also provide supports to its users.[spacer height=”20px”]

Cons : [spacer height=”20px”]

Google owns everthing : Blogger provides you a best blogging platform for free it does not mean google does not take any thing from you as every blog hosted on blogger are owned by Google.It means you can not sell or resell your blog.[spacer height=”20px”]
Lack of Design : Themes and designs on blogger are outdated which has not been updated from long. There is no plugines like wordpress for anything.[spacer height=”20px”]

Tumblr[spacer height=”20px”]

Best free blogging platforms websites and

[spacer height=”20px”]

Last but not least, Tumblr is also popular online blogging platform owned by Yahoo.Tumblr powers more than 190 million blogs. It is a micro-blogging website where short form blogs like, twitter short message, udpated every minutes.Tumblr is easy to set up blog which takes only less than a minute to let you get started.Tumblr are free blog site for those who likes to udpate short blog on blogging platforms.Tumblr like Blogger and wordpress is free publishing tool provided to its users.[spacer height=”20px”]
Tumblr is a micro-blogging website where you can start a short blog but not professional. Short form Blogs on tumblr are longer than tweets but too smaller than professional, long article and post. The content shared on Tumblr are mostly in visual format like pictures,infographics, videos and Links.Tumblr is only for those who want to make udpate instantly and are not committed to publishing for long time.[spacer height=”20px”]

Pros:[spacer height=”20px”]

Easy to Start : You can start a blog on tumblr in less than a minute .Once you started you can publish a blog by choosing post type.[spacer height=”20px”]
Mulitple Blog : You can manage mulitple blogs in Control Panel of tumblr.[spacer height=”20px”]
Themes : Tumblr has ton of beautifull themes which you can choose for your blog from.[spacer height=”20px”]

Cons:[spacer height=”20px”]

Owner : Yahoo is owner of your blog on Tumblr. [spacer height=”20px”]
Visual Optimized : Tumblr blog is all about visual content like Image, Video and Links.So tumblr is not place for those who want to update long text on blogging sites.[spacer height=”20px”]

Why these free blogging platforms are best ?[spacer height=”20px”]

[sociallocker]Make Money : You can make money with your free blog site created on best blogging websites like Blogger . Therefore creating a blog for free can help you earning money from your blogs.[spacer height=”20px”]
Presence : Free blog can bring you online presence where you can have your own voice and readers who are keener to read what you have for them.[spacer height=”20px”]
Technicall Skill : You can start blogging for free without any knowlegde of programming and coding. You can also run your blog withour any technical skill.[spacer height=”20px”]
Portable : You can move your blog whenever you feel need.[spacer height=”20px”]
Backup : This is most need option for any blogger.You can backup your blog at any time.[spacer height=”20px”][/sociallocker]

Why these best blogging platforms are free ?[spacer height=”20px”]

Limited : These best blog sites offer you limited badnwidth and hard drive which you have to udpate once blog started getting huge traffic.[spacer height=”20px”]
Plugin/HTML code : You have limited access to Plugin library and other tools.[spacer height=”20px”]
Owner : Blogging platforms you are using for hosting your blog are real owner of blog that mean you are not owner.[spacer height=”20px”]

Final Words :[spacer height=”20px”]

These blogging websites are best over the Internet. For you I went through many blogging platforms out of which I found this three most popular and best. For more information Medium, LiveJournal, and are the other free blog sites which you can try for blogging. But as I said that there are only few blogging platforms and site which are in top 50 website of the world and very best for blogging.[spacer height=”20px”]
So if you’re thinking to start a blog for free than do not waste more time and get started with any of above blogging websites.You will need only 0 $ to start blog and publishing online via best blog sites . Let us know if you have any question related to Best Free blogging platforms. [spacer height=”20px”]
If you feel that this blog helped you choosing best blogging platform then share it with your friends and let them make right choice for their blogging journey.You can also keep in touch with us on Facebook , Google Plus and Twitter .You can also Subcribe to our newsletter for Instant update on Most Asked Question like ” How to Rank first on Google ? & How to make money blogging ? “.

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