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About Blogail
Hey Guys , Welcome to Blogail . We are glad that you landed here. Blogail.com is a blog launched by Ravinder Dande in December 2015. Blogail is a place where you can learn about Blogging, Social Media and Marketing , SEO and Web Hosting .

The aim of Blogail is to provide best tips and tutorials on Blogging, Social Media, Money Making, SEO, Internet Tips, Affiliate Marketing, Product Review, WordPress and Web Hosting.

Hey There !
My name is Ravinder Dande from chandigarh, India. I’m founder of Blogail where I share tips on Blogging, Social Media, Money Making, SEO, Internet Tips, Affiliate Marketing, Product Review, WordPress and Web Hosting. I’m graduated in Computer Science and interested in Robots. I loves reading and sharing what I learnt and think should be share with others. I have been reading about blogging from 2013 so starting niche blogging was not so difficult for me.Thus I started blogail and planning to publish more content on blog.


” I say that Every one who can think can start Blogs and share what He/she thinks with the world. ”


Who is Behind Blogail.com ?

Hey Guys ! This is Ravinder Dande behind blogail. I’m simple guys who love reading new discoveries and about tech stuff like Blogging , Robots and Artificial Intelligence. I was very keener to know ” How Google a search engine does work ? So began reading on same. One day I was landed on blog , ” shoutmeloud ” where I read about blogging & SEO for the first time in the year 2013. Since then I have been reading and understanding blogging but I started blogging on blogspot (blogger) with custom domain in August 2015.

I was experimenting with my first blog so I messed up everything on first blog and thought to move to WordPress for more fun. With in 3 months , I moved to WordPress and started event blog for fun and blogging experience on WordPress thus I had bought hosting baby plan for 4 months. Event blog was performing well for me but I didn’t want only blog but a name or brand of blog. So I Left event blog as hosting plan I bought was about to expire and bought new hosting plan to start new Blog ” Blogail” to share what I learnt from 2013 to till date. That is how blogail was born.

I once heard that passion is everything and I believe this words that is why I started blogging because I loves reading and writing. I still keep looking for new and best way to get things done in easy steps. I founded blogail to give readers a very well explained tips with some amazing facts. Just like I do not like blog that lacks information and facts , I do not publish till I think that blog is complete and has explained well for readers. I shares a everything on blogail that is helping me in blogging. [spacer height=”20px”]

Education Background :[spacer height=”20px”]
I did primary education in Haryana Model School in 2009. I completed Diploma ( 3 year ) in Computer Engineering in 2012 and got degree in Computer Science in 2015. I was rejected 15 times in Job Interview before jumping to Blogging. I had been planning to start my blog since 2013 but I got chance to start in August 2015. I can’t share what happened in the month august that I started blogging suddenly.

So that’s my story of blogging and I guess there is more to tell which I’ll be updating with time. If you want to ask more question then you can contact me here on Facebook.[spacer height=”20px”]

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Regards ,
Ravinder Dande ( Founder of Blogail )

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